Friday, October 13, 2017

The transition of summer into fall.....down-time but not so much as I'm still scurrying about my day completing tasks that are not really of my own; my home locked up with my belongings and my little dog waiting for me.   Lately , I've been thinking a lot about my age and where I'm at.  How the years have seemed short yet long through the experiences when I really think about it.
Some times it's hard to believe that I was once a little girl who lived on a farm.  I think about "her" sometimes too and especially at this time of year as I always felt so sensitive in the fall equinox transition. Everything dying to be reborn again.  People just living day to day with these invisible markers attached to them so mother nature can find them and do what she does best and recycle them.   Every season there's always a hefty handful that I once knew , that I finally hear about that have made their departure.  My child wonder , " where did they go ? " Sometimes they teach us about the seasons and prepare us for what's to come.  I convince myself sometimes that I will not be a part of that unknown.  Yet , this heart inside of me pumping since the day I was born , reminds me that one day I will too go.